LIHWAP Water Utility Enrollment

​​The LIHWAP application deadline has passed and the program has sunset. LIHWAP is no longer accepting applications for assistance.​

In order for a household to receive a Low Income Household Wate​r Assistance Program (LIHWAP)​​ ​benefit their water or sewer utility system must be enrolled in the program. The water and sewer utilities listed below are currently enrolled in the State of California’s LIHWAP program. Confirm whether your utility enrolled in LIHWAP by searching below.

Contact your water or sewer utility if you have questions about their participation in LIHWAP. 

For additional questions about LIHWAP contact your local LIHWAP service provider:

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The water and sewer utilities listed below are currently enrolled in LIHWAP as of March 15​​​,​ 2024.

​Use the search function below to search by your county or water or sewer utility's name to narrow your results.​

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